A sardonically noted item about the wizened, humbled (and long-unemployed) former Iggles WR/2005 Superbowl laughingstock Freddie Mitchell seeking work north of the border
from the Phila Daily News:

By all accounts, measurable and otherwise, Freddie Mitchell was a bust as an Eagle. A first-round bust, let’s not forget.

He played here four seasons, caught 90 balls in 63 games and had a meager five touchdowns. Except for his constant self-promotion, he is remembered for the fourth-and-26 catch he made in the playoffs against the Packers. Oh, wait, he is remembered for his ridiculous act of putting on a championship belt after
making 8-yard receptions. He was the “People’s Champ,” remember?

He was cut after the 2004 season. He had a cup of coffee in the Chiefs’
training camp in 2005. That’s it.

Now, at 28, he is trying to latch on with the Toronto Argonauts. No, the NFL hasn’t expanded into Canada. “I wear my heart on my sleeve,” Mitchell told the Toronto Star. “But the thing about it is I’ve come to realize you can’t boil the ocean. If something’s wrong and if you can’t fix it, you can’t say anything.”

Our translation: His troubles with the Eagles weren’t his fault. Mouthing off about the Patriots’ defense on the eve of the Super Bowl must have been someone else’s fault, too.

The CFL’s Argos say they’re interested in Mitchell, who worked out with quarterback Mike McMahon on Sunday, completing a neat, and sad, circle of Eagles busts

Best wishes to the multi-monikered Mitchell, and if he can’t make the cut with the Argonauts, he can always have his agent give Ron Jaworski a call