First of all, I’d like to wish everyone in the Yankee Universe the most joyous of holiday seasons.  I don’t suppose Eddie Nimibutr of Austin, TX is a Yankee fan, but I’d like him to know that I’m fully in his corner. It’s a crying  shame that some people try to use Yelp to advance their own vindictive agendas, especially when at it’s best, the site can be used to foster understanding and help consumers become better informed.  And the trolling of personal Facebook profiles HAS TO STOP.  It’s not journalism, it’s not fair, and besides, Human Resources tells me Waldman can post whatever photos shes wants!

I’m kidding, of course.  Look, this whole “I don’t care about dead white kids” thing will eventually blow over — Jason Giambi did far worse stuff and who gives him a hard time in public these days? — and when it does, I’d like to offer Mr. Nimibutr a job as greeter at NYY Steak.   We’re sorely in need of someone with his people skills and if nothing else’s he’s already demonstrated he knows how to command media attention.  Given that we won’t have Nick Swisher making Page 6 for pissing himself at a Switchfoot concert next season,  we could actually use some help in that department.   I look forward to hearing from Eddie, and to those of you in Austin, TX who want to dine somewhere with “a greater supply of compassion and understanding”, could you try not to be such a fucking cliche’ for 5 minutes?

Randy L.,  The Bronx