If you thought induction to the Red Sox Hall Of Fame would discourage the pot & cornflakes enthusiast Bill Lee from criticizing the organization, think again.  The Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman collected the following quotes from the outspoken lefthander :

œ(Manny Ramirez) is the greatest hitter I ever saw – I loved the guy, Lee said.

œHe™s a prima donna and he pushed down the traveling secretary. Well, you pick the traveling secretary up, you dust him off and you apologize and you go back to work. You don™t say he™s a pariah like (Curt) Schilling said and everyone else. Schilling can kiss my (butt).”

If the team had won the World Series in 1975, Lee said, he would have been mayor.

œAnd if I had been mayor, I would have banned private vehicles in downtown Boston, Lee said. œWe would have all been walking, we™d all be cross-country skiing and we™d all be in better shape. And if we were all in better shape, there™d be no parking and (Boston parking czar Frank) McCourt would never have been able to buy the Dodgers and Manny would never have gone to LA.

Lee said he was happy to be inducted into the Hall even if the timing was screwed up.

œIt™s 10 years too late, as far as I™m concerned, Lee said. œ(Bruce) Hurst went in before me, he has less wins, more losses, he™s a point higher ERA – what do you think I am, chopped liver?