(forced out of last night’s loss to the Brewers, Josh Beckett does a rather weak Kevin Brown/Kenny Rogers impersonation)

1) Marlins – they lost Josh Beckett last night for god knows how long, making it 8 trips to the DL in four seasons for the 2003 World Series hero. Florida’s new rotation : D-Train, Burnett and pray for rain.

2) Dodgers – SS Cesar Isturis goes on the DL with a right hamstring injury, just hours before 2B Lt. Dangle strains something putting on those tiny shorts. Izzy and Kent join Milton Bradley and J.D. Drew in the L.A. infirmary.

3) Cubs – 1B Derek Lee aggravated an existing left shoulder injury swinging the bat during Chicago’s 5-1 loss in Atlanta. Lee’s breakout 1st half of 2005 has carried the Cubs ; fair to say they’re over and done if he misses significant playing time.

Though I’d opt for “B” in this instance, it was disquieting to see Al Leiter thrust into emergency duty last night. For all of Omar Minaya’s hotly debated off-season moves, the decisions to part ways with Leiter and Franco were surely the right ones.