I’m usually loathe to use CSTB for cross-promotional purposes because no one reads it anymore but I’m gonna make an exception in this rare instance because I’m such a firm believer in the talents of the ensemble in question.  Also because boxes of their debut LP are stacked so high in my living room I haven’t seen sunlight in days.

Sweet Talk are an Austin quartet fronted/founded by former Uptown Bums guitarist/vocalist Stephen Svacina, who a few of you might know from his additional guitar work  in Mark Ryan’s post Marked Men quintet, Mind Spiders.  Flanked by fellow ex-Denton TX fixture Wiccans/Video/Brain Attack bassist Harpal Assi and southpaw guitar wiz/Ft. Wayne transplant Mitch Frazier (Church Shoes), Svacina’s Sweet Talk will see their first album, ‘Pickup Lines’ (12XU, LP/CD) hit stores and iTunes next week.  The music video in question, directed by Saman Ghanbar  provides a cautionary tale about just what could happen to any young couple foolish enough to move next door to Sweet Talk’s practice space.

I’d liken it to an early Neil LaBute work, sans any dialogue whatsoever (and with an abundance of beer being thrown around).  Also, add wanton destruction of a guitar, an accordion, and there’s a really good looking rat, too.  Actually, I think we can all agree LaBute’s films would be way better if they were about 120 minutes shorter, had zero dialogue and way more shit being wrecked.

There’s a small army of Austin, TX luminaries appearing in this clip, but since hardly any of you know who I’m talking about, just enjoy the video and pretend they’re highly paid talent.

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12XU – site