(CSTB’s original mascot / copy editor emeritus Jack, forever grateful no one has forced him to listen to Josh Grobhan)

New York Yankees club President Randy Levine is no stranger to CSTB readers, either for his tireless efforts to keep NYC consumers well informed, or his work as a sickening apologist for a craven, greedy bunch of motherfuckers occasional guest contributions to this very blog. On Tuesday, Newsday and the AP revealed a softer side to the baseball executive, reporting Levine has entered one of his four labrador retrievers in the annual Westminster Kennel Club competition at Madison Square Garden.

Wearing a Yankees dog collar, and falling asleep on a pinstriped blanket while listening to Josh Groban songs, Mitch is among 54 Labs in the show (golden retrievers lead with 61). By the way, the Yankees in their century-plus history have never had a player named Mitch.

“He’s like Derek Jeter. Very calm,” Levine said.

Frequently a spectator at this show, Levine is eager to participate this time.

“This is Mitch’s first time. Let him get his paws wet,” he said. “I’m excited. It’s like a playoff game for me. It’s Westminster, it’s the whole environment.”