Or a flask.  Metsblog’s Regis Courtemanche reports the SNY broadcaster (above, right), along with Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling, will be working Thursday’s Nats/Mets game from “next to last row” of Shea Stadium’s upper deck.  It’s an interesting experiment, but I’d be more impressed if they tried to call an away game from the very same spot.

Nelson Figueroa will have to catch up on cheerleading like the rest of us from here on in —- through repeated viewings of the “Bring It On” triology on DVD.  Figgy was DFA’d by the Mets earlier today, along with that paragon of human inefficiency, Jorge Sosa.  Eating the latter’s contract will cost Wilpon Inc. some $2 million, an amount they’ll surely recover if the middle relief pitching of Joe Smith keeps the club in contention through the end of the season.