“I know the economy is bad,” claimed the Detroit Free Press’ Mitch Albom in a column last week, castigating the locals for failing to sell out Joe Louis Arena for the Red Wings’ Stanley Cup semi-final series with Dallas. “Hey, if we can fill Lions seats, we can fill Red Wings seats.”

Big Al at the Wayne Fontes Experience doesn’t buy into that particular bit of logic, responding, “fuck you, you heartless, over privileged fuck.” I dunno about you, but I’ve got an excellent idea for a panel on a future episode of “Costas Now”.

When was the last time Albom was at Ford Field? Otherwise he’d know the expensive club level seating is mostly empty, and the Lions often filled their stadium only in thanks to the fans of the opposition team. You’ll see just as many Bears and Packers fans at Ford Field, as fans of the Lions

I’m guessing Albom, when not churning out Oprah approved pap, spends his time in LA and New York rolling around in large piles of cash. Back here in rust belt reality-land, everyone I know is watching their money. Watching it closely.

I don’t know a soul who could afford to drop several hundred dollars to attend a hockey game. Not one. I sure as Hell can’t. Neither can anyone in my family, or my friends off or online.

I’ve used this analogy before, but it remains true. When given a choice between keeping a roof over your head, or buying overpriced Red Wings playoff tickets, there really isn’t a choice.

Albom was once tuned into the pulse of Detroit, he knew what made the fans tick. Not anymore. He hasn’t for over a decade. Not since Albom became a gasbag ESPN pundit, better known as an author, rather than a sportswriter, and spending most of his time on the left coast.

Otherwise he wouldn’t have written this column, calling out hard working folk who are more worried about being foreclosed upon, paying medical bills, buying $4 a gallon gas, food prices rising, if their manufacturing job will even exist 6 months from now, than lining the pockets of a multi-billionaire, Mike Ilitch.

Mitch Albom can go to Hell. Or just stay in LA. Either is better than his remaining the “Voice of Detroit.” Speak for whom you really know, the media elite. You sure as fuck don’t speak for me.