…while Billy Packer is returned to cryogenic status until next autumn.

Florida 73, UCLA 57

(Cory Brewer, oblivious to the fact that someone’s gonna have to sweep up all the confetti)

…and I take back everything I said earlier about how this was going to be interesting. Will Dan Snyder have enough dough left to hire Billy Donovan away?

In all seriousness, Joakim Noah had an outstanding all-around game ; the guy’s a serious inside threat, a shot-blocking machine and a top-flight rebounder. It was a poor shooting night for the Bruins, but Noah, Brewer and Horford were the three biggest reasons why.

As killer tournaments go, this wasn’t close to the most thrilling finale of the week. And we still have the Frozen Four to look forward to / willfully ignore (depending on your cable package)