Through the auspices of Bedazzled, we learn the creators of Digger The Dog weren’t the innovative geniuses we thought they were. (quicktime video)

Hey, how’s this for a convenient segue? Though I’m tempted to tell this guy to suck my dick,

a) his pic dissuaded me from doing so, and
b) I suspect such an overture wouldn’t be nearly “wannabe homosexual” enough for him.

Still, I’m encouraged to see New Jersey’s foremost expert on race has graduated from imaginary friends to the real thing. It’s totally awesome the way the internet brings people together.

Much as I hate to harp on the subject of David Wells’ late twin brother of different mothers, this might be the greatest radio advertisement of all time (mp3 courtesy of your host with the most, Derek Erdman). For starters, the Geege managed to singlehandedly kill the power pop revival before the original subgenre was finished. What’s more, if this isn’t the first commercial to drop a recording artist’s real home digits, it has to be the first and last radio spot in history to conclude with the tagline, “represented by Genya Raven”.