How dare DMX (above) and George Zimmerman conspire to minimize the tragedy that was the latter’s slaying of Trayvon Martin — after all, that’s Geraldo Rivera’s job!  But with the pair getting ready to hook up in what’s optimistically being called a “celebrity” boxing match, The Nation’s Mychal Denzel Smith calls the proposed spectacle, “one of the most disgusting things ever”, but to be perfectly fair, Smith might not be following Dino Costa on instagram.

It’s not enough that Zimmerman killed Trayvon in cold blood, not enough that he walked away from it without being arrested immediately, not enough that it took thousands of people across the country marching and protesting to bring charges against him, not enough that he was acquitted and not enough that he remains free to accumulate more domestic violence charges. No, he has to also become a celebrity, built on his “career” of killing black children and abusing women.

Shame on the organizers and promoters. Shame on the thousands who e-mailed wanting to fight him and legitimize this. Shame on anyone who pays money to see it. Shame on all of us for allowing Trayvon’s life and death to turned into a spectacle.

And fuck George Zimmerman. Fuck him and everything he represents. Fuck the culture that supports his existence. But a sincere “thank you” for reminding us what black life is worth in this country. As if we didn’t already know.