Earlier today, Sirius/XM’s Chris Russo loudly opined that National Signing Day was of zero interest to his listeners, a position he stuck with even after a succession of callers argued that yeah, they were pretty interested and found the topic of greater relevance than some of the subject matter (tennis, anyone?) that takes up much of “Mad Dog Unleashed”.  As such, Russo’s unfortunate audience might’ve missed the story of Haines City (FL) Dacorious Law (above), who loves learning so much, he’s committed to no fewer than 2 institutions of higher learning (3, if you count East Mississippi Community College, his insurance policy).  While one TV outlet showed Law donning a Utah cap with theatrical flourish, it seems he’d previously signed a letter of commitment to Ole Miss.

Since cloning and franchising are out of the question, Law will have a tough decision to make, and perhaps that’s at the root of Russo’s unease.  “Who cares about a 17 year old no one’s ever heard of?” is the gist of Russo’s logic why N.S.D. is a non-story, putting aside of course, that in places other New Cannen, CT and Midtown Manhattan, the travails of these 17 year-olds aren’t nearly so irrelevent.   Incredible, that someone actually follows the new talent pool for a sport business that’s nothing short of a national obsession.

Perhaps that’s why if Paul Finebaum magically found himself a free agent tomorrow, he’d have no shortage of suitors.   The same cannot be said of the host of “Mad Dog Unleashed”.