Rangers 2B Ian Kinsler tells the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s Anthony Andro that if he’s not invited to play for Team USA in the 2013 World Baseball Classic, he’d consider turning out for Israel, who will face a 16-team qualifying round in 2012. It’s hard to choose which is harder to find, a Jew in Arlington, TX or someone who is already looking forward to the next WBC.

“It would be cool to play in the World Baseball Classic,” Kinsler said. “Israel really has nothing to do with me.”

Kinsler, who is Jewish, wasn’t even sure how he qualified to be on the roster for Israel.

The WBC allows teams to field players who are eligible for citizenship, even if they are not citizens. If that’s the case, that would clear the way for Jewish major leaguers like Kinsler, Rangers pitcher Scott Feldman, Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun and Boston’s Kevin Youkilis.

That would give Israel a solid offense at least.

“It would be OK,” he said. “I don’t know if we would have a bullpen.”