As always, there’s happenings in the Mets clubhouse that conspire to take a bit of the shine off a brilliant R.A. Dickey performance last night, as well as distract from Pat Misch’s first big league start of 2010. While self-styled GM candidate Howard Megdal (“failing to have enough talent on hand to compensate for the loss, or underperformance, of any one player is inexcusable”particularly for a team with a New York budget”) and longtime Amazin’-baiter Bob Klapisch (“Jeff Wilpon should™ve made it his business to stand in the middle of the clubhouse and say thugs don™t work for the Mets”)  blast the organization for entirely different reasons, the New York Times’ David Waldstein reports troubled reliever Francisco Rodriguez will soon receive professional help. Sorry, Dr. Allen Lans, if you’ve not received a call already, you’re probably not getting this gig.

The Mets placed Rodriguez on the restricted list for two days without pay, a suspension that was negotiated among the Mets, Major League Baseball and the players union. In addition, the Mets asked Rodriguez to be evaluated by doctors from both Major League Baseball and the union, after which a course of treatment will be determined. If Rodriguez changes his mind and rejects the treatment, he could face further discipline.

The Mets were adamant that Rodriguez seek treatment because he has demonstrated explosive behavior before. Two months ago, he physically attacked the bullpen coach Randy Niemann during a game, and the two had to be separated by teammates. A year ago, he got into a confrontation with Tony Bernazard, the team™s former minor-league director.

In fairness, getting into a spat with Bernazard was probably the last thing the media or K-Rod’s employers considered a warning sign given the former’s rep for aggression.