OK, the above headline isn’t fair at all. There’s no evidence that WLW’s Bill Cunningham called Adam Dunn fat.  None the Enquirer’s John Fay provided, anyway (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory).

Last Friday, following the Reds™ victory over Pittsburgh, Cunningham singled out Dunn (above) and outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. for what he called a lack of hustle.

In the game, a base-running error by Dunn cost the Reds two runs in the fourth inning. And Griffey was criticized by Reds announcer Thom Brennaman for not making it to second base after a bloop single dropped between three Pirates.

The next day, Cunningham said Griffey should never wear a Reds uniform again, and said Dunn was drunk during the game.

œAdam Dunn looks like a monkey with a football in left field, Cunningham said. œHe has to have consequences for what he does. That is again a loafing ball player who ¦ would have blew a .15 if someone gave (him) the intoxilizer last night. I say .15. The son of a gun is drunk. And he™s playing baseball in left field for the Redlegs.

Before Tuesday™s game against the New York Mets, Dunn said Cunningham™s comments were out of bounds.

œIsn™t there a line? Dunn said. œI think that goes over the line. We might want to do something about that.

Cunningham said Tuesday that his comments were in good fun.

œIt was hyperbole, he said. œI play a lot of softball. I play with guys who drink beer.

They treat a fly ball like a hand grenade and miss bases.

The only Cincy fielder to treat a ball like a hand grenade Tuesday night was former Met Jeff Keppinger, who made an error during the Reds’ 11-7 loss to New York.  The Mets launched a few bombs of their own, however, two of ’em off the bat of Captain Red Ass, whose career high 7 RBI’s should have him back in the good graces of Joe Benigno-Gazingo very shortly.