(the Sopranos, seasons one through 5 are all available on DVD)

Buck up, Bubba Lawton. You’re just a couple of good months away from total image rehab, if not a lucrative endorsement deal.

And while I’m on the subject of the Yankee Pariah Du Jour, what to make of Gawker Media’s Legend In His Own Mind crying that he’s not been properly credited for “breaking” the Lawton story? This, from a guy who thought pulling something out of USA Today Sports Weekly was worthy of hysteria, leading to days of gleeful speculation that Sheffield or Damon were the “mystery roider”.

The overwhelming majority of his content is culled from other blogs or ESPN.com, sometimes hours or days after it has appeared elsewhere. On one occasion, he beats Newsday and MLB.com by 2 hours on a story that might’ve been the 9th or 10th most interesting item of a slow day, yet protests when the ticker-tape parade hasn’t been booked.

Seriously, not since AJ Benza’s knuckles scrapped the earth’s surface has the NYC media scene produced so loathsome a character, nor one with so little to say.

I realize the independent wrestling circuit isn’t what it once was, but there’s got to be some money in a Jeremy Giambi / Ozzie Canseco program.