With the Redskins stacking the line of scrimmage against the shellshocked Eli Manning all day, Tiki Barber rushed for only 38 yards (compared to 148 for Clinton Portis) en route to a brutal 31-7 beating. The Redskins had the football seemingly all afternoon (OK, 40:29) and it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand the decision to bench Kurt Warner given that the Giants still had a playoff shot two weeks ago, if not the move to jettison Kerry Collins (currently putting up strong numbers for the deeply flawed Raiders.)

It would also be pretty safe to say that the San Diego Chargers are perfectly OK with Eli Manning’s reluctance to play for them.

Just a reminder that since I have the ability to edit CSTB’s archives, I’m perfectly capable of deleting all posts in which I suggested the Eagles weren’t, y’know, all that.