Here’s one way to stir bad blood between the Giants and Falcons ; the New York Post’s Paul Schwartz stokes a war of words with an Atlanta exec most NY football fans couldn’t pick out of a police lineup.

Bob Whitfield spent the first 12 years of his NFL career starting virtually every game at left tackle for the Falcons before, he says, Rich McKay lied to him before cutting him at the end of 2004 training camp. Jay Feely spent the first four years of his career kicking for the Falcons and is upset that McKay made it seem like it was Feely’s choice to leave for the Giants.

In politically correct terms, Feely yesterday knocked McKay by saying, “I don’t think anybody wants to be told one thing and then have somebody turn around behind their back and do something else.”

Whitfield, in his second year as a reserve tackle, doesn’t have a politically correct bone in his 6-foot-5, 310-pound body, and he cursed out McKay in colorful terms, referring to his former GM not as “Rich McKay” but as “Bitch McKay.”

Sounding as if he’s thirsting for revenge, Whitfield said he would not petition starting tackles Luke Petitgout or Kareem McKenzie for a few of their snaps during the game but he did offer up an imaginative scenario.

“Say, for instance, I’m on the field-goal team and we kick the ball, winning field goal, everybody’s celebrating, hoopla and this and that and here goes walking across Bitch McKay,” Whitfield said. “In the celebration maybe I’ll swat the [bleep] out of him.”