From the Centre Daily Times:

Terrelle Pryor’s news conference Wednesday is going on as planned, but the highly touted prep quarterback won’t be making a coach very happy on signing day.

The Associated Press sent Pryor a text message a few hours before he was to address the media at Jeannette (Pa.) High School, asking if he would announce where he will attend college.

“No, I’m not,” Pryor replied in a text message to the AP.

I believe had the story first (via Sports Illustrated‘s Stewart Mandel, in my case).

The cynical perspective: all this waiting just inflates his value as a brand.

The pollyanna viewpoint: here’s a kid who’s all but guaranteed a starting job and custom offense in Ann Arbor. Yet he’s allegedly willing to pick Columbus, where he’d probably sit a year at least part-time. So good for him.

The Penn State fan’s thinking: Really?

I mean, it’s great he listens to his parents and will give State College one more chance. And I certainly believe that Jay Paterno would rewrite the playbook for him (whether or not he’s truly capable of that is hard to say as long as Dad’s around). But Lavar Arrington spent an entire season on the bench behind a much less talented LB who knew the playbook and had paid his program dues, and Penn State has at least one if not two guys who fit that category at QB, one of whom, Pat Devlin, was the Terrelle Pryor of two years ago, at least from PSU’s perspective. (“He’ll compete with Anthony Morelli for the starting QB job, and he should get a good amount of playing time during his time in State College,” says that article. Two full seasons later, he’ll compete with Darryll Clark).

But it’s nice to dream. And if Pryor doesn’t give in to the Paterno charm, I sure do wish he’d go to Oregon or LSU (come to think of it, how come Texas never factored?) instead of a conference rival.