With apologies to former D.C. resident Tommy Keene for the above headline, instead of focusing on Magic G Gilbert Arenas dodging the most real of bullets, the Orlando Sentinel’s Josh Robbins asks, “when, if ever, can a comedian — even an amateur such as Arenas — make misogynistic comments and then claim artistic license?”  With Arenas pulling the plug on his wildly popular Twitter account, the answer is “far less often than before”.

Say this for Arenas’ work on microblogging service: It’s difficult to feel wishy-washy about it.

One of Arenas’ tweets from June 2 provides a case in point. He wrote: “good mornin twitter fam..i need me a slave to make me breakfast in the mornings..i guess yall might call them girlfriends…im hungry”.

Another case in point: Arenas’ Twitter avatars, many of which are not suitable for children and are not safe for work. Comedian Joe Mande recently published a gallery of some of those avatars.

The league, however, lost its ability to fine Arenas once the collective bargaining agreement expired on July 1.

Arenas utilized that freedom.

“Ladies imma buy 11 roses;10 real and 1 fake..after I leave ur crib don’t call me until the last one dies..GOOD MORNING,” he tweeted recently.