ESPN Los Angeles’ Kevin Arnovitz (of Clipperblog fame) has an interesting piece today outlining a number of (serious) reasons why LeBron James ought to consider the Clippers amongst his free agency options, particularly if LBJ is “truly interested in surrounding himself with four teammates who have a full range of talents to complement his game and embody a smart mix of youth and experience.”  It’s certainly tempting to imagine how the balance of power throughout the Association might shift if James were to sign with a franchise that’s usually synonymous with futility and/or mismanagement, and with that in mind, perhaps The King Sans Ring and his advisors Leon Rose and William Wesley, might want to turn to page 5 of Sunday’s New York Times sports section.  There’s more than 45 days to go before James can begin negotiations in earnest, but clearly, Sterling isn’t above dropping hints.  Can the Knicks or Bulls cut LeBron a deal on an apartment quite like this? I think not.