(Kobe and Kwame agree — “Chasing Amy” was unfunny, unrealistic and wildly overrated)

While some of the day’s top NBA stories involve Isiah Thomas characterizing David Lee and Renaldo Balkman as untouchable, a bad day in court for A.I., and Don Nelson looking for a substantial raise from Golden State, as you might expect, I’m gonna go lowbrow on you with the following tidbit regarding the Lakers’ Kwame Brown.

Brown, having already endeared himself to the blogosphere last season when he assaulted a pedestrian with a birthday cake, was stalked last week by You Been Blinded, who note the former Wizards big man was spending his Thursday night at West Hollywood’s Here Bar. Said establishment, we’re told “while primarily a gay men™s bar, Thursday nights at the Here are for the ladies.”

Here are 2 pieces of good news for Laker fans. Good News#1: Kwame wasn™t bouncing around on the ankle. He was playing the wall and dancing with two ladies at the same time. He wasn™t raisin™ the roof or walkin it out, just gettin™ his freak on. Good News#2: This happened after Kobe™s shopping center video rant. KB24 woulda had another reason to talk about fucked up situations.

I™m a fan of the girls that like to party with girls so I™m not knockin™ the former #1 overall pick for this. I™m sayin though, if you mix Kwame Brown, scoring problems, lesbian bar, Michael Jordan allegedly calling Brown a flaming faggot, and Phil Jackson™s comments together, you get one helluva punchline.