Bad enough for the Vancouver Canucks they were victimized last night by an Andy McDonald hat trick in a 5-1 Game One loss to Anaheim. Today, they learn from The Hockey News’ guest editorialist / Toronto fan Will Arnett, that they’re beneath contempt.

I have lots of buddies in the States who are from different parts of Canada. As such, they™re not all Leafs fans. One friend is from Vancouver, and he hates the Leafs.

He went to the University of Western Ontario and says he loved it there. Except for all the Leafs fans. He thinks we™re all so pompous and to me, that™s hilarious, because our team hasn™t won anything in 40 years.

I think what bothers him the most is the fact I don™t hate the Canucks. It makes him crazy, because he thinks I™m not giving his team the proper respect. I™ll agree with him on a lot of things “ œYeah dude, you™re right, the Sedins sure do play well together; Roberto Luongo should definitely be up for MVP, “ and he gets incensed. He™s like, œYou should hate them! And I say, œNah, they™re not really my rivals.

Sometimes people ask me about doing a movie where I™m actually playing hockey on the ice, rather than œBlades of Glory, where I™m skating around in frilly, completely ridiculous costumes.

I™d love to. I know there™s another œSlap Shot floating around Hollywood. They want to remake it, but that™s a tough sell for me. It was so great, so iconic, I don™t know how you™d improve on it.

Here’s a hint : try not to cast Stephen Baldwin or Gary Busey.

“Respect me or trade me” doesn’t have the same resonance as “play me or trade me”, but I’d be way out of place giving Alexi Kovalev any career advice. Though I do remember many evening spent yelling “pass the fucking puck, already” as loudly as possible, once upon a time.