(Jimmy, having difficulty finding the 4am showing of “The Boost” on Starz)

Assorted quotes from an interview with the LA Times’ Maria Elena Fernandez.

I had a 184 IQ. I used to be smart before I was an actor.

The funny thing is I did take an IQ test online and I got a 170-plus like three or four months ago. They say your IQ doesn’t change. I can’t remember names anymore or if I got a lot on my mind, I’ll forget who I played golf with yesterday. For some reason, I’ve kept my capacity to reason, my conceptual ability and sophisticated logic.

It was a very pragmatic choice to do this [role]¦. I read it and I thought, “Wow, when am I going to get a great part like this in any medium again for a long time?” Well, people say you haven’t done movies lately. I go, “Well, tell me a part I should have done.” I watch “Spider-Man,” for example, and I see a great actor like Willem Dafoe, and he’s hopping around wearing a goblin mask ” I’m not putting him down¦. This is one of the few parts that a middle-aged heterosexual white guy is consigned to in feature films this day.