I read an interview in which Nurse With Wound’s Steve Stapleton (above) claimed to pay no attention to any reviews of his work, be they print, internet, etc. Perhaps Stapleton has a valuable life lesson to teach Indians reliever Bob Wickman, who in the words of reader Mike Jordan, will be thinking about sports talk radio when he signs his next contract.

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Burt Graeff : (thanks to Mike for the link)

“I hear a lot of what it said about me on those shows,” said Wickman, who leads the American League with 35 saves, “and it really ticks me off.

“Guys who call and blast me will have an effect on whether I want to come back here next season. My kids hear this stuff and it makes me mad.”

Not to get all Phil Mushnick on you or anything, but what kind of parent allows their children to listen to sports talk radio? (Alex Reimer, please put your hand down).