With nothing left to play for and AJ Burnett pitching the game of his life, the Mets showed a rare bit of character last night in their 3-2, 12 inning win, reliever Aaron Heilman in particular.

The Miami Herald’s Dan LeBatard, however, in not only up in arms over the banged up Marlins lineup, but he’s loathe to give credit where due.

Juan Pierre, one of the best bunters in the world, failed to get one down in a critical situation. Cliff Floyd, one of the softest arms in the majors, nailed Jeff Conine on a bounce-bounce-bouncing throw at the plate. Joe Dillon, one of the remaining Marlins with functioning legs, somehow fell down in turning a double into a single.

For the record, Clifford has 13 assists in 2005. All season long, third base coaches have been challenging the Mets’ left fielder and coming up short. And on the matter of guys with nothing left to play for, how about the still-ailing Mike Piazza withstanding Jeff Conine’s collision and still catching 12 innings last night…in front of fewer people than Savatage usually play to..

If you’ve not been watching the last two Indians/White Sox games, you’re excused from not knowing the playoffs have already started.