Lisa Olson in today’s New York Daily News:

Willie Randolph’s mark on a team that has a number of unschooled players in the field – among yesterday’s starters were catcher Mike DiFelice, first baseman Mike Jacobs, second baseman Kaz Matsui, right fielder Victor Diaz – is undeniable. Dignified and reticent and unafraid to take dares, Randolph deserves to be considered for Manager of the Year.

Though Olson would’ve been correct in saying Randolph has gotten plenty of mileage of out previously unheralded players, it is a considerable stretch to characterize a 10 year veteran of Japanese baseball (Matsui) as “unschooled”. Likewise, 2005 marks Mike DiFelice’s 10th year of major league service — the Mets are his 9th club since 1996.