(Leach, center, slowly pondering this “national cache” business)

The Austin American-Statesman’s Cedric Golden commemorates the local arrival of Mike Leach’s pass-happy Texas Tech by recapping the chain of events that needs to occur for 8-2 Texas to qualify for a BCS bowl. “Surely other scenarios exist,” writes Golden, “but I have a tight deadline and a hair appointment.” CSTB readers will note Golden sports the same barnet as Buster Bloodvessel.

A. The Horns must beat Texas Tech and Texas A&M convincingly.

B. Missouri needs to lose to A&M and beat Kansas.

C. Oklahoma State needs to beat Kansas and Oklahoma.

D. Hawaii needs to lose one of its remaining four games

E. Notre Dame needs to lose again. Well, not really. Too bad Texas doesn’t need help from Fighting Irish opponents. We could bank on that one for sure.

Realistically, the Longhorns are probably going to end up in the Cotton Bowl, a nice event but not as sweet as Sugar or as festive as a Fiesta.

The Holiday Bowl in San Diego is more scenic, but logic says a 9-3 Texas is more Holiday- friendly than a 10-2 Texas that could finish in the top 12 of the BCS standings, making it eligible for an at-large bid.

Dallas is the likely destination because the Big 12 has four teams competing for two BCS spots, and Texas is the unquestioned No. 4 in that pecking order right now. Still, a two-loss Texas would carry tremendous cache with the bowl selection commitees, given the allure of a national television following (thanks, Vince). But there’s no guarantee.

Golden goes on to explain (not poorly, I think) why many of the above results are improbable. And given the difficulties Texas experienced the last two weeks against Nebraska and Oklahoma State respectively, an 8-4 finish and a return trip to the Alamo Bowl (!) isn’t totally farfetched.