Perhaps due to the association with Judith Regan, but most likely because of the book’s claims Billy Martin was a rapist and graphic descriptions of Billy Crystal’s boyhood hero fucking Marilyn Monroe, Peter Golenbock’s “7: The Mickey Mantle Novel”, will join O.J. Simpson’s “If I Did It” on the ReganBooks funeral pyre. From the New York Daily News’ Paul D. Colfford.

The cancellation came one month after HarperCollins CEO Jane Friedman fired Judith Regan, who signed up Golenbock for her ReganBooks imprint.

In an e-mail, Golenbock told The News: “I am very disappointed that HarperCollins is not going through with the publication of ‘7,’ but I am confident it will find another publisher and will come out soon.”

Told yesterday that the book was scuttled, former teammate and pal Whitey Ford said, “It’s the smartest thing the publisher could have done, because the book was a lot of junk, judging from what was read to me.”