CBS Sports’ Steve Elling reported earlier today The Golf Channel had taken disciplinary action against analyst Andrew Magee for what they characterized as “a sexually tinged remark” during the weekend’s FBR Open.

Magee, serving as a roving reporter during the second-round broadcast, told the network he believed he was off the air when he mentioned to fellow analyst Gary McCord that he had just seen a fan wearing a T-shirt that read, “I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for eating a brownie.”

McCord, who works primarily for CBS Sports, didn’t react verbally and there were several moments of dead air following the comment.

Golf Channel spokesman Dan Higgins said the network received several e-mail complaints from viewers about the remark. The Golf Channel’s online message boards have been filled with fan feedback on the matter.

“He was disciplined for that,” Higgins said, from Orlando. “It was a mistake. He’s fairly new in the role of on-course reporter, which is no excuse, but he has been disciplined, yes.

“It was inappropriate.”

Inappropriate and inaccurate.  Had the boy been wearing a shirt that read, “I Just Got Kicked Out Of The Boy Scouts For Sucking Cock”, we’d really have something to talk about.