Barack Obama vs. John McCainJohn McCain vs. Barack Obama

As previously mentioned in this space, the baseball card industry has completely lost sight of its audience by a) adding Presidential trading cards to their packs as “educational” and b) not evening putting gum in the packs, which the politicians would surely do if kids could vote. Here’s a look at the new Upper Deck Presidential line, soon to be a part of every store’s nickel box, worthless to all but grandchildren of panelists on The McLaughlin Group. As also mentioned in this space, Obama’s dropping the White Sox is a foregone conclusion politically if he wants any national appeal whatsoever, which Upper Deck clearly sees, too. Note the early Obama in a Sox uniform and then in an NL uniform in the second, deftly hiding the Cubs logo to avoid losing his South Side base. It’s embarrassing enough for me to see McCain in a Recublican uniform, but it’s the smart move if you want to appeal to American voters who don’t frequent check cashing establishments every Friday night. See you at the Weiner’s Cirlcle.