In which the Boston Globe’s sports department prepares to do more with less. From David Scott’s Scott’s Shots :

Gordon Edes, has agreed œin principle to a job with Yahoo! Sports as a national baseball writer. Edes, according to sources, is committed to going to Yahoo!, but was still hoping to be part of the buyout offer at the Globe that recently lured Jackie MacMullan off the masthead.

The move to Yahoo! has some historical basis for Edes as he was once on the same staff at the Los Angeles Times where Yahoo!™s Executive Sports Editor, Dave Morgan, came from two years ago. The move may also sound familiar to some as Edes has, in recent years, been courted and thought to be going to one on-line entity (Fox Sports) or another (CBS Sportsline).

Edes left a mark on the market for sure and became a constant TV and radio presence in recent years, but his most lasting contribution may have been getting former Red Sox bully Carl Everett to utter the words œcurly-haired boyfriend regarding Dan Shaughnessy. The nickname stuck for Shaughnessy and Edes had his in-the-shadows, Boston moment.