Yeah, just like Iran. From :

Despite being out of the game former Juventus general manager Luciano Moggi still regularly has his say on current affairs, and he has had some controversial things to say about homosexuals.

œI don™t know if footballers are against gays in the team, I certainly am, he stated.

œI can quietly confirm that, in the clubs where I have been, I have never had them, never.

œI would never have wanted a homosexual player. Even today I wouldn™t buy one. Supposing I were to make a mistake and I found one of them, he would be the first to go.

œI am a little old-fashioned. But I know the football world and its insides. You cannot live within it as a gay. A homosexual cannot be a footballer.

œIn calcio there are no homosexuals, neither between players nor among directors. It™s not racism, its fact. Football has a particular environment; you get naked in the dressing room.

œI have no gay friends. I go out with other people. But I have to say that homosexuals are very intelligent people, they have the capacity to see things differently. 

If there’s any consolation, we can rest assured that Moggi’s backwards remarks have proven Serie A is no match for the Coca Cola Championship when it comes to enlightened attitudes about male sexuality.   Sort of.