With the great Don Cherry turning up as part of ESPN’s hockey coverage, let’s go back to mid-December, when one of his “Coach’s Corners” on HNIC caused something of a stir:

Cherry then referred to œa left winger on the Bruins as œDr. Suzuki.

The player in question was Andrew Ference, who initiated an environmental program for the Bruins and spends his off-seasons working with children in developing countries. Hockey Night ran a feature on Ference on Dec. 15.

Ference is a defencemen, but in the context of Cherry’s politics and ideology, he’s a left winger in the mould of famed Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki.

œThat was sickening last week by the way, Cherry said of the Ference feature.

œWhat? MacLean said. œWhat is going on with you here?

œWhat is this stuff? Cherry asked. œIt’s Hockey Night in Canada. And we’re talking about saving the world and all that stuff. Let’s talk about hockey.

No doubt Ference will be touched to learn that Grapes is joining his side, by giving all his ESPN cash to the Humane Society. As the owner – sorry, “companion” – of the famous English bull terrier “Spuds Mackenzie,” Cherry is a well-known friend to animals.

As a resident of Oregon, I’d like to personally thank Cherry for helping out the sea lions. Some folks in Michigan feel differently, however.

This donation by Mr. Cherry serves as a direct attack on all hunting and fishing activities of every North American, and should not be taken lightly.

Don Cherry and ESPN now stand to make a substantial donation that will be used against you, the hunter/fisherman….

Actually, I don’t think Don is a bad guy, per se. Just a bit misguided in his philanthropic desires.

From my view – any donation to an anti-hunting organization should not be condoned by “The Worldwide Leader In Sports,” especially considering that their weekend programming consists of several hunting/fishing shows.

I hate the Humane Society.