Lupe Fiasco (above) calls Byron “a black Bill O’Reilly” and Crawford pulls out the heavy ammo. From

The truth of the matter is that you weren™t about to make much from this shit anyway. Even if it hadn™t been bootlegged to death on two separate occasions, how many people do you really think were about to run out and cop Food and Liquor? Your Jay-Z record is some wack shit, and it™s been months now since the two separate occasions when MTV played the video for œKick, Push.

Don™t be pissed at me because your entire career, such as it is, is part of some convoluted scheme to make it seem as if Atlantic Records didn™t make any money during fiscal year 2006. That™s just how these Jews operate. For what it™s worth, Talib Kweli™s career has been on the skids since ˜02, and you should see his girlfriend. I never wanted to be a rapper so bad in my life.