While not pretending I can keep up with every Spurts Blog on Earth, I do fancy myself as being halfway conversant with whatever the heck is going on. So imagine my shame in learning that I’d previously not read The Nosebleeds NFL Blog, a site that’s been running for a whole two years, and seems to be in the outside-looking-in of what editor The Natural Mevs calls “the blogger circle jerk”. To wit, TNM is bummed at Deadspin’s decision to appoint the schmoes from Kissing Suzy Kolber the former’s editors for the weekend.

Deadspin is the site that got me into blogs when it first started in 2005. I think it is neat that different bloggers from around the net get to be the weekend editor, it’s a really cool feature. Obviously Leitch needs time off too, although I think he still has his hand in things quite a bit even when he is ‘off’. I just think it’s tough that KSK writers get to run the show over there all weekend so anyone who they’ve decided they don’t like can forget about getting a link over there. It’s not just all about links either. It’s a weird thing, it’s like a whole ‘blogger’ popularity contest. I could care less about the links, the hits, the comments. That matters none to me, I do it because I best express myself by getting my thoughts down and I like having record of each thing as it happens in say; baseball, or football. But since I’ve been doing this for two years, there is a condescending attitude towards you if you’re not one of the ‘untouchables’. These people are people like Dan Shanoff, Nation of Islam Sports Blog, Deadspin, KSK (like I’ve mentioned), Mr. Irrelevant, Free Darko, AOL Fanhouse, With Leather, The Dugout, basically the pundits that Kissing Suzy Kolber links.

For instance you ask a guy like Dan Shanoff to link your blog to get some exposure? Forget it buddy. You won’t even get a response. Not if you’re not one of the ‘elite’ few. I even wrote him an email to tell him that I like his style on his blog, because he seems to always touch on the 8-10 interesting points of sports each day and it really is good as refresher each morning to read before I write. You think he’d even responded? Nope.

Brutal stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree. Clearly, Shanoff, the KSK Krew, Screechy, etc. never got the memo about how they’re obliged to offer encouragement, links, backrubs, etc. to every sports blogger on Planet Earth, regardless of whether or not they actually dig the blog in question.

I’ve thought long and hard about Mev’s above points, and I think he’s onto something. To further illustrate how I’m totally against the elitist behavior described above, the owners of Cumbucket Media and I have a new scheme for the start of CSTB’s 5th year. Starting later this month, aspiring bloggers can enter their own links to CSTB’s blogroll, irrespective of whether or not they can write their way out of a paper bag. Likewise, WEEKDAY editor duties will be filled on a first-come-first-serve basis, to anyone who signs up. Who the fuck am I to play the snob card?

Some longtime readers (ie. my parents) might argue this new approach will rob CSTB of whatever voice, personality, point o’ view, etc. it might’ve once possessed, but what’s more important? Doing what you want with your own time and money, or providing unfettered access to every self-obsessed, delusional fantasist who thinks he has something to say?

I think you’ll all be pleasantly surprised when “The Critic”, late of the MIA Critical Sports Blog makes his long-awaited CSTB debut. Likewise, I’m sure my new Nosebleeding pal will also kick serious ass, given the opportunity. It’s the new, all-democratic, all-the-time CSTB. And while I won’t be reading it myself, I bet the traffic goes thru the roof. Once the url switches over to dryhumpingjackarute.com, anyway.