Much as I hate to use CSTB editorial space to plug the efforts of Cumbucket Media’s entertainment division…if I don’t who the fuck will?

‘Talk About Hardcore’ is the first album from Columbus’ UNHOLY TWO since 2010’s ‘$kum Of The Earth’ (Columbus Discount / Negative Guest List). Early appraisals have ranged from “sonic terrorism” (614 Mag) to ” “three guitars riding heavy on a single shit storm of distortion, but mostly they swirl in a way that sounds like they’re trying to escape being murdered by one another” (Chicago Reader). I don’t know if it’s actually possible for guitars to murder each other (Crime, aside), but I’m gonna argue with experts.

Props to director Noah Rosenstein who managed to create an engaging music video simply showing Lamont “Bim” Thomas aka Obnox in the middle of his daily routine (doing laundry, breaking records, cloning himself. Someone said there’s some smoking going on, but I cannot fully comment as I don’t have broadband yet.