Now they can purchase (almost) twice as many pairs of Stephon Marbury’s cheap sneakers, as reported by the New York Post’s Marc Berman.

Talk about symbolism. Stephon Marbury’s Starbury sneaker line is selling now at a cut-rate $7.99 in a special winter clearance at most Steve & Barry’s outlets. The Starburys, which have received national acclaim, are normally priced at an already basement price of $14.98. Steve & Barry’s have never disclosed Starbury sales.

Marbury’s season could be over because of ankle surgery to repair chronic bone spurs, scheduled to take place tomorrow. Marbury’s contract with the Knicks ends after the 2008-2009 season but his contract with Steve & Barry’s expires this summer. Marbury had planned to branch out so his Starburys could be sold at more locations. His ambition of playing in Italy after his contract expires partly stems from having his Starburys go international.

Isiah Thomas has thrown Marbury under the bus regarding the ankle surgery, saying it was Marbury’s decision and he œdidn’t notice” him being effected by he injury in his final game 10 days ago vs. Toronto. Thomas believes Marbury could have postponed the surgery to see if rest and treatment would alleviate the pain

Berman claims Marbury’s jersey is the NBA’s 9th best seller. I guess Mike Breen is stealing all the Chris Bosh swag.

Newsday’s Alan Hahn claims Barack Obama was the recipient of a maximum donation from Marbury. So there’s another blown opportunity for the ill-fated Mike Gravel campaign.

True Hoop’s Henry Abbott opines the New York Giants’ surprising postseason run might give James Dolan a small window of opportunity. “The Super Bowl is big. Very big. Maybe even big enough that between now and the big game the Knicks could introduce a new coach without getting quite so savaged by the local sports media. With a little recent winning under his belt, the next few days could be the best chance Isiah Thomas will get this season to part ways with the Knicks with some dignity intact. ”

It’s an interesting suggestion, though depending on who that new coach might be, I’m not entirely certain the organization will get much more abuse for what most fans and media alike consider an overdue move. If Thomas remains ensconced as team president, however, the vibe is likely to stay ugly.