“Glen (Benton) & The Squirrel”, painting by Kalle Runson, used without permission)

From Earache.com

Floridian death metal legends DEICIDE were practicing in their industrially zoned practice space, surrounded by sonically booming concrete factories, when they were surprisingly bombarded by Florida™s Pasco County Sheriff™s department and asked to leave.

DEICIDE, who have been practicing in this legally deemed œindustrial area for quite some time, were immensely shocked and were forced to evacuate the practice space quaintly nestled between a mass of factories that inherently produce bombastic sound. DEICIDE are appalled at the random uprooting and have been forced to find a new practice space, inconveniently coinciding with the impending kick-off of their fall world tour. DEICIDE will be embarking on a world-wide fall headlining tour in support of œThe Stench of Redemption and are excited to bring a refreshed dose of brutality to the metal masses. Never a unit to be discouraged, DEICIDE are prepared to continue fine tuning their skills at another practice space and are set to deliver œThe Stench of Redemption with finesse and evil poise.