Would it have been so hard for Darren McFadden to have driven something a little less conspicuous until after the Cotton Bowl? From the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Tom Murphy and Bob Holt.

A report by KARK-TV, Channel 4, in Little Rock claimed that Arkansas junior tailback Darren McFadden was present when sports agent Mike Conley recently purchased a Cadillac Escalade, which the station said was put in the name of McFadden™s mother, Mini Muhammad.University of Arkansas officials would not comment on the accuracy of the report.

œWe™re aware of the report, said Kevin Trainor, Arkansas associate athletic director for external affairs. œThe situation is under review. Muhammad, reached at her home in Little Rock, said neither she nor her son owned the Escalade.

œMike Conley hasn™t bought nothing, and it ain™t in my name, Muhammad said. œIt™s his stepmom™s, Ella McFadden™s. Really, the truck is on loan. Darren drove that down [to Dallas ] to see how he™d like it, and maybe he™d get one later.

œ They got that all wrong. Darren doesn™t have no truck. Conley, a former track and field All-American at Arkansas, told KARK on Thursday night that he was not at a car dealership with McFadden and that he hadn™t negotiated a deal.

œThat is 100 percent a lie, Conley told the station. œI would challenge anybody to say that I have ever been at a dealership with Darren McFadden. Though it is considered a foregone conclusion that McFadden will enter the NFL Draft as an underclassman this winter, he has yet to acknowledge that move.

Conley assures us McFadden does not own a truck, and from the looks of this photographic evidence, why would he need to buy one?