From Richard Griffin in Tuesday’s Toronto Star.

After J.P. Ricciardi went ahead and inked B.J. Ryan, setting the salary bar at an all-time high for free agent relievers, he has a significant offer out there to A.J. Burnett that would create a standard for future, mediocre-career-record starters. The Players Association and the brotherhood of player agents are well-pleased with the new-look Jays.

Burnett wants no part of Toronto. That’s not to say that he won’t take the money. Face it. If the Jays were really that attractive a landing strip for Burnett, he would have already agreed to terms on that stunning five-year deal much earlier. But he was dragging his heels waiting for a better offer from Cards GM Walt Jocketty that would make the decision to turn down the Toronto money seem at least palatable.

The Blue Jays, having already announced that GM J.P. Ricciardi has agreed to a contract extension, have a press conference scheduled for 5:30pm EST, at which time the pitcher that wants no part of Toronto will put on a Jays cap and jersey.