Newsday’s Alan Hahn is a natural at this blogging business.

This afternoon, I kept checking until Cablevision™s quarterly report was filed with the SEC, because we were hoping the top secret Larry Brown settlement amount would be on there. It was. He got $18.5 million out of the $41 million he was owed on the contract. I™d say Cablevision/MSG/Knicks got off easy. But then again, Brown got $27.5 million to coach one season.

Though we can™t really claim it as a scoop “ though some newspapers like to claim things as scoops even if they aren™t “ there was some pressure to bang out a quick story for the website and get it up. It™s just this thing about being first to report something, even if it™s public knowledge.

Re : Hard Wood’s meditation on the criticism of Byron Crawford. Can’t a man enjoy the Gin Blossoms in peace?

(ADDENDEUM : Bol’s response to the above :

Also, some d-bag at one of these sites for grown people who still watch sports has written a review of the album posing as yours truly. It’s probably not as amusing as you’d think, but you might want to check it out anyway.

I’m positively green with envy.  An internet troll with spelling skills even worse than mine gets away with calling CSTB “boring”, yet Byron merely dubs Hard Wood “one of these sites for grown people who still watch sports.”  THAT’S THE PULL QUOTE I’VE BEEN WAITING ON FOR 3 + YEARS.  Fuck, what’s the point?)