Incredibly, Scott Pollard might not be the final piece to the puzzle in Boston. With what might be considered a serious blow to the prospects of Dan Patrick’s new syndicated radio show, the following is the Boston Globe’s Shira Springer :

Just when you thought the Celtics couldn™t get any older, they could add soon-to-be 42-year-old Reggie Miller to the roster. Executive director of basketball operations/GM Danny Ainge confirmed early this afternoon that he has spoken to Miller about the possibility by phone. Head coach Doc Rivers has also talked to Miller about joining a roster that already includes veteran All-Stars Kevin Garnett (31), Paul Pierce (30 on Oct. 13) and Ray Allen (32).

Miller must decide whether he wants to continue his broadcasting career with TNT or interrupt it for what could be a shot at an NBA title. In an 18-year career with the Indiana Pacers, the future Hall of Famer did not win a championship. Alongside, Garnett, Pierce, and Allen he could have a legitimate opportunity to fill that hole in his Hall of Fame resume. Obviously, that has been at the heart of the Celtics™ pitch to Miller.To say the shooting guard would give the Celtics an outside threat would be a major understatement.

The Indianapolis Star’s Mark Monieth examines whether or not Jermaine O’Neal was misquoted in demanding from the Pacers. And while Monieth thinks O’Neal might’ve been done dirty by and ESPN, he still holds the forward personally responsible.

The media likes O™Neal for his eloquence and his willingness to display it. Three years ago, I presented him a trophy from The Professional Basketball Writers of America in recognition of his cooperation with reporters, so far be it from me to suggest he talk to us less often.

He should, however, have considered who he was talking with and how his comments might play to the team back home that™s scheduled to pay him $20 million next season.

Newly acquired by the Bucks, Awvee Storey tells the Journal-Sentinel’s Charles Gardner that everything’s hunky dory between him and former teammate Martynas Andriuskevicius, whom he nearly killed during a D-League practice last season.

“Marty (above) is a cool guy,” Storey said of the 7-2 center from Lithuania. “He had just come from the Bulls, and I had come from New Jersey, so we were two NBA guys. We had been out for dinner together.

“The situation was very unfortunate, and I learned tremendously from that situation. The people that knew me from the Wizards and New Jersey were able to communicate that to Milwaukee, that this was not Awvee’s character.”