I’m no marketing expert, and I’ll happily defer to someone who is. But I cannot help but be curious — who exactly, do the lovely people at Cingular Wireless think will be attracted to their family of products by a television commercial highlighting the collegiate exploits of Christian Laettner? I realize there’s a shitload of Dookies out there, but if there’s such a thing as a negative Q rating, Laettner has to be right up there, even if you disregard his post-Duke resume.

With Illinois’ exit at the hands of Washington earlier this evening, I can now officially cease any further refences to “my bracket”, unless of course I’m talking about the one I filled out for the Women’s competition. Larry Brown just rang — he too, was daydreaming about how dangerous Washington would be if they still had Nate Robinson.

Likewise, no. 2 seed Tennesse falling to the apty named Shockers of Wichita State is a tonic for those unimpressed by the Volunteers during the last few weeks of the regular season.

In what might be the best game of the day that I’m about to walk away from, Gonzaga are up by 5 over Indiana with about 13 minutes left. The Adam Morrison comparisons in coversations today have ranged from the tried and true (Dee Dee Ramone, Rick Danko), a little name-droppy for the sake of it (Jeff Tweedy) and the downright, maybe-the-girls-will-get-this-one (Billy Crudup)