From the New York Times :

The New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer are offering the team’s fans a free trip to Washington for the club’s 2006 season opener against D.C. United on April 2.

The club, which was recently acquired by Red Bull, the Austrian maker and manufacturer of the energy drink, said it would provide bus transportation, a ticket to the game and an exclusive pregame tailgate party for fans who register at starting at noon tomorrow. Fans will be required to place a $25 deposit via credit card, which will be credited if they make the trip. Buses will depart from Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J.

When you consider that a bus trip from Meadowlands to RFK Stadium would take just slightly long than a similar journey from the Port Authority bus terminal to Giants Stadium, it’s curious that the former MetroStars aren’t offering tickets and transportation to a home game. Perhaps their largesse in this instance has something to do with confidence that few people will take them up on the offer?

Sick result of the day ; Bristol City 6, Gillingham 0. League 2 status beckons for the visitors, thanks to a pair of goals from former Coventry defender Louis “Don’t Call Me Mariah” Carey (above).

Among the highlights of the Human Whoopee Cushion’s soccer coverage today includes the admission that he has no clue how Champions League qualification is determined (jesus christ, look it up) and the characterization of Middlesbrough 3-2 losers to Blackburn this morning, as a club that “kinda sucks”.

Though 15th place in the Premiership is hardly anything to write home about, the Understudy is no doubt aware that ‘Boro made it to the quarterfinals of the UEFA Cup after winning a two-leg battle with Roma on away goals earlier this week. If Middlesbrough “kinda suck”, but managed to advance past a team that recently won 10 straight games in Serie A, there’s about 80 clubs in England that might settle for that kind of sucking.