Showing a knack for public relations to rival that of veteran baseball owners like Peter Angelos and the late Marge Schott, George Steinbrenner’s son, Hank (above, right), gave the New York Post’s Brad Hamilton an earful on the subject of Joe Torre.

“Where was Joe’s career in ’95 when my dad hired him?” said the new Boss. “My dad was crucified for hiring him.

“Let’s not forget what my dad did in giving him that opportunity – and the great team he was handed,”

“You can’t take credit for success when you’re going good, and then not take at least some of the blame when things change,” Steinbrenner said. “I’m sorry he feels insulted, but that was not the intent.”

“I sincerely wanted Joe to accept that offer,” said Steinbrenner, who with brother Hal has assumed day- to-day decision making for the team. “We all wanted him to accept it, probably me more than anybody else.”

“You don’t make an offer bluffing. What if he says yes?” he added. “I was hoping he’d say yes.”

Which doesn’t really address why, after 12 years of service, Torre was left to twist in the wind. Surely the Yankees were familiar enough with the manager’s merits and faults to have either made their proposal promptly, or announce they’d chosen to go in another direction.

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