(January 26, 2012 EDITOR’S NOTE : the post below was published during the spring of 2005. I’ve been informed by persons close to Hank Stickney that after his wife’s passing, he has since remarried. If you’re wondering why or how that’s relevant to the post below, some concerned has been expressed — in rather pointed terms, I might add — that if you happen to encounter Hank Stickney and a female companion on a cruise ship or in line at Sizzler, you’re almost certainly meeting his new wife, a very sophisticated and charming lady who’d never in a million years accuse yours truly of having “a hidden agenda” or “anger management issues”.

Theirs is a loving, 100% legit marriage, and only a very sad, lonely, troubled individual would imply otherwise.

Also, the original headline of this post has been changed in order to make it tougher to find if you’re looking for biographical information about Hank via Google, which seems to be the primary source of his associates’ frustration. Hopefully they’ll tackle his Wiki entry when they’re done harassing me. – GC)

During the 7th inning stretch of last night’s California League clash between the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes and the Visalia Oaks, Quakes management posted a scoreboard note of congratulations to Quakes’ owner Hank Stickney and wife Dee on their 5oth Wedding Anniversary.

The Stickneys, also part of the group owning the Dayton Dragons and Las Vegas 51’s, waved to the crowd from their luxury box. Though to be fair, “luxury” is all relative in Rancho Cucamonga.

I shouldn’t have to give advice to an accomplished captain of industry like Hank, but Class A minor league ball is a hard enough sell on date night, let alone a golden anniversary. I hope the Stickney sticky couch wasn’t too uncomfortable.

Kendry Morales (above), formerly of the Cuban national team and a recent Angels signing, made his U.S. pro debut with a HR in the first inning for Rancho Cucamonga.