From the LA Times’ T.J. Simers :

Stephen A. Smith, TV screamer and Philadelphia Inquirer columnist, was a guest on the Billy Ray Smith/Scott Kaplan radio show over the weekend from the Super Bowl, and he told everyone, “I’m an information guy.”

He also told everyone, “I have no factual evidence to base this on,” while also indicating he had no inside information, “but I personally believe that drinking played a part” in Rudy Tomjanovich’s decision to step down as the Lakers’ coach.

Rudy T. said last week alcohol played no part in leaving the Lakers, and while holding a hand high in the air, he said he was proud to say that it could have, but it didn’t. The bottom line, as Smith likes to say, is that he didn’t believe Rudy T. and was shamelessly irresponsible enough to say so.

By the way, Smith’s new TV show will be on ESPN2 this summer, and should be a nice complement to Cold Pizza and Around the Screaming Horn.