From the Palm Beach Post’s Joe Capozzi.

Still wearing his Marlins uniform, pinch-hitter Lenny Harris stormed into the Mets’ clubhouse after Thursday’s game to complain to manager Willie Randolph about being taunted by pitcher Pedro Martinez and coach Sandy Alomar.

Opposing players rarely enter another team’s clubhouse, but Harris, a former Met, was incensed that Martinez and Alomar yelled “Watch for the bunt!” as Harris batted in the seventh inning.

“They’re screaming out of the dugout, I’m thinking I’m still back in high school. I thought it was hogwash,” Harris said before Friday’s game.

The incident actually started on April 21, when Harris bunted for a single against Martinez in a 10-1 Marlins loss at Dolphins Stadium. That day, both players could be seen laughing at each other on the field after Harris reached base.

“I thought that was the end of it,” Harris said. “But they’re screaming, ‘Watch out for the bunt! Watch out for the bunt!’ and I’m thinking, ‘It was really bothering them.’ I told Willie I didn’t think they’d take it that seriously.”

Harris was so distracted that he stepped out of the batter’s box and yelled back, “Are you done?” before striking out.

“There’s a time to play, but when the game starts it’s serious business. You know a fan is going to heckle you ” I don’t mind if it’s a fan ” but if its a ballplayer, then I want to find out what’s the problem. It kept going on. I thought they took it too far.

Randolph dismissed the situation. “Just chit chat,” he said.

This is genuinely shocking stuff. Who knew Lenny Harris was still playing?