This oughta take the shine off Pedroia and Ellsbury going nuts at Coors ;   Mr. Irrelevant’s Chris Mottram with words that should have Denis Leary and Phil Jupitus alike contemplating buying Orioles season tickets giving up on baseball.

I think I™ve made it pretty clear in this space previously how much I hate the Nation of Red Sock. The real Sox fans are unbearable Massholes, and the bandwagon fans ” which most of their fan base is comprised of ” should probably kill themselves now. I™m not sure at what point it became cool to wear a cap with a ˜B™ on it, but I assure you that it is not, in anyway, cool. It makes you look f™ing stupid and your friends have no respect for you.

Ahem, bandwagon fans? Tough talk indeed from someone who actually thinks Jimmy Kimmel is funny, but full credit to Mottram — he gets to the point much faster than Dan Shaughnessy.